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Good news!

If you’ve just been looking at the fabric page, you haven’t picked the most expensive fabric, we assure you - they’re all  the same price.

More good news - our prices are as clear and simple as we can make them.

Even more good news!  If you live in London, one of us may be able to visit to measure and/or fit your covers. This will be a technician, not a salesperson on commission,  so we just charge for their time, at a flat rate of £72.50 per visit.

Sofa and Armchair Frame Covers

 ( we refer to the main body of the furniture with cushions removed, as the frame)

Plain single seater ( armchair)

Piped single seater ( armchair)

Plain 2 seater sofa

Piped 2 seater sofa

Plain 3 seater sofa

Piped 3 seater sofa

Plain 4 seater L unit

Piped 4 seater L unit

Plain 5 seater L unit  

Piped 5 seater L unit                                                    











Sofa and Armchair Seat Cushion Covers

Medium cushions are 65 cm or less at the widest point, large cushions more than 65 cm at their widest point.

Medium seat cushion -  plain

Medium seat cushion - piped  

Large seat cushion - plain

Large seat cushion - piped  





All prices include fabric from our fabric page , and are based on the self measure option. Prices do not include delivery and/or fitting.

Scatter Cushion Covers

(Small scatter cushions under 43 cm  in both directions. Large scatter cushions 44 cm - 65 cm in both directions)

Small scatter cushion cover  - plain

Small scatter cushion cover - piped

Large scatter cushion - plain.

Large scatter cushion - piped                                        

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Sofa and Armchair Back Cushion Covers

Medium back cushion - plain

Medium back cushion - piped

Large back cushion  - plain

Large back cushion - piped