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Treat your pre-loved sofa (or nasty landlord furniture) to a glamorous new identity. Choose from 2 styles, 5 weaves and 125 colours or find your own fabric. Urban Sprawl’s self measured loose covers are probably the easiest furniture up-cycle ever - fabric choosing, measuring tape wielding, and zip closing are the only skills you need.

One sofa unit - three different covers.

This style of unit is perfect for measuring yourself, it’s all straight lines, you would just have to follow our chart for “L” unit  1c.

Above - the sofa in Boho mood. The loose cover fabric is genuine Kente cloth sourced by the customer. The style is plain, with no piping.

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Below - these are in Vista textured weave, colour Ash, from our fabric collection. These are piped style covers & have a relaxed shabby chic look, with kick splits at the corners, a modern take on the old style pleated valance.

Below - the sofa in vibrant modern mood. The covers are in the plain style, no piping no kick splits. In this style, the bottom hem can be extended under the base of the sofa for a few cm, as here, and pulled taut with a drawstring to give a neat fit. The fabric is one from our fabric selection, Turin plain weave in colour Fuchsia.

Here is the “before” shot, showing the effects of Horace the cat’s ravages. Actually, it’s quite mild compared to some cat scratching we’ve seen but we’ve been asked not to let him know that he’s not really the worst kitty in the world.


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