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Q. How much does it cost?

A. Obviously pretty variable - but to give an idea, a cover for an armchair with no separate cushions, and plain seams, would be £150, while a three piece suite with 10 separate cushions, all pieces with piped seams, would be £878.85. Those prices include fabric from our online selection, but delivery, measuring up or fitting, (if needed) are extra. Here is our full price list.

Q. Do "loose" covers actually look loose and baggy?

A. No, they should fit quite snugly, and follow the shape of the furniture. Like this.

Q. Do you do repairs?

A. Not as a rule, but we can supply suitable fire retardant wadding and non woven polypropylene fabric to patch up tatty upholstery under the new cover. Works a treat, and no one can see it.

Q. How long does it take for the new covers to be ready.

A. It varies a bit according to the time of year and our workload, but usually about a month.

Q. Do you take the furniture away?

A. No!

Q. My sofa came with a loose cover, can I send it to be copied?

A. Yes, find out more here.

Q. My sofa didn't come with loose covers, can it still have loose covers made?

A. Probably - you can check here.

Q. Can I order on line?

A. Yes, start by selecting a fabric!

Q. Do you do home visits?

A. Obviously, it's more economical for customers to measure their sofas themselves, using one of our on line charts, or send us an old cover to copy. However, if the furniture is in London, we can get someone to measure up for you. (The postcode must begin with E., N., W., SE., SW., NW., WC., EC.) Find out more.

Q. Do you show all your fabrics on line?

A. No, we can supply other fabrics, for example 100% linens, and we can get you samples. However, the ones selected for this site are all good looking, very hard wearing, machine washable, fire retardant, and all the same (excellent!) Price.

Q. Can I find my own fabric.

A. Yes - see below, this customer had fabrics sent to us from Bute Fabrics, and Kvadrat. Contact us to find out more.

Q. Which types of furniture are suitable?

A. Check here.

Q. Do you do fixed re-upholstery, too?

A. No.

Q. Do you do other soft furnishings, apart from loose covers?

A. Maybe -- contact us and tell us what you need.

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