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Amongst our small, but talented staff are our design technician, Amanda, who might come and measure your cushions or covers - -

- - and our secretary, Pinball, who  types, but eats the occasional  measuring  tape.

Urban Sprawl is a small family run business making  tailored loose sofa covers and chair covers, as well as cushion covers and some other soft furnishings.

Now based in Leyton in North East London, but originally from the garment trade and with a small factory in Hackney, we branched out into home furnishings in 1996.

We soon  found we liked loose covers and cushions better than tailoring, but still pride ourselves on finishing everything very neatly, more like clothing than upholstery. We use zips, not “touch and close” tape, and overlock seams inside to prevent fraying in the wash.

Even the insides of our cushion covers are overlocked.

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