Let us make you some cushions!



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Indoor cushions?

Outdoor cushions?

What are your cushions for?

Replacement sofa cushion covers, window seat cushions, cushion covers to freshen up your garden furniture, cushions for your boat or van, or some totally different cushion project - we’ll have a choice of options for you. After all, we’ve been making all things cushion for 26 years!

Urban Sprawl is a small family business based in East London, working with individual customers all over the UK, and making everything to order. Let us know what you have in mind - with measurements if poss! - we’ll have suggestions and quotes for you within 24 hrs.

Text or WhatsApp us on 07887801648 or email [email protected]

You can call us on that number as well, but we can’t give you prices over the phone, our mental arithmetic isn’t up to it.

As a price guide - a small bench cushion like the green one, above left, would be about £100 - 120, including foam and fabric. A piped sofa cushion cover, see right hand pic ( no filling ) between £42.00 and £75.00 including fabric. Obviously, size comes into it!


Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Urban Sprawl Team

( Including quality control guru, Horace the Cat)